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Empowerement vs Impairment in the Global Digital Age

The advancement of communication technologies, with Internet as its catalyst, further axelerate the pace of global integration; leading our society to what McLuhan refered to as ‘a global village’. It also has been argued that the development of communication technologies has driven the industrial society to become the so-called ‘information society’, where power is in the hand of those who have access to information. Being a disruptive technology, the internet has threatened the established political and economic institutions. However, as the technology developed, political elites and conglomerates eventually learn how to harness it for sustaining their status quo.

New Challenges

ICoCSPA 2018 invites papers and presentations that focus on how struggle for power have taken various forms in today global information age; Who are able to maintain their power? How globalization and the advancement of communication technologies have facilitated the emergence of new source of power? How these two forces have empowered certain social groups? While at the same time leaving some others impaired? Which socio-cultural practices are thrieved? Which are subsided? Finally, with digital divide is found to be persisted, how those with less access to information survive in today global information age


International Conference on Contemporary Social and Political Affair (ICoCSPA) is an annual international conference arranged by Faculty of Social and Political Science Universitas Airlangga on social and political issues.


Hotel Santika Premiere
Surabaya, Indonesia


August 13, 2018

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Hotel Santika Premiere

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